Loupes Specialist Certification Quiz

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3. A customer calls in and states they are seeing double, they have been using their loupes since 2019. What could have caused this sudden double vision?
4. You are assigned a Cx EP Dx form, the Cx answered: - Seeing clearly without moving glasses - They HAVE NOT adjusted focus to WD - Hands are good distance from body. How should we proceed? Comment says: "This form is stupid, my loupes were not fitted correctly"
5. A customer is complaining about the field of view of his 5.0x magnification EP. What could we recommend?
6. Cx has blank buttons and see's clearly at 19 inches. They want to see clearly at 23 inches. What buttons will we send out?
8. Which of the following platforms do we NOT offer video calls on?
9. True or false: You are required to schedule a video call for second and third services
10. A customer states that they never had any issues with their 2.5 Galilean loupes but now they are way to "zoomed in" with their 4.3 ErgoPrism loupes. What is most likely causing Cx issue?
11. A cx states that they must tilt their chin up to see their patient. What issue is the Cx most likely experiencing?
12. Cx recent Galilean service was to reduce WD from 20 to 14 inches. She states that after the service, she can see the First premolar just fine but the second and third molar are out of focus. What is most likely the issue?
13. A customer has an Rx that has Sphere, Axis and Add corrections. They want their full Rx in their EP loupes, what type of Rx lens will we use?
15. To maximize someone's depth of field when working in a mouth, what tooth should their point of focus (WD) be set at?
18. A customer has -F buttons, they see clearly at 21 inches. They want to see clearly at 17 inches. What buttons will we send?
20. ErgoPrism loupes have an adjustable focal distance (Vario WD), when a customer adjusts the Vario WD, does it change the point of convergence?
22. Which of the following IS NOT one of the sacrifices typically experienced with Higher magnification?
23. Video calls are required to be recorded. Are you required to advise the customer that the call is being recorded?
24. A customer has 3.0x traditional loupes. What EP magnification would you recommend to this customer?
26. What is the minimum amount of time you should leave in between scheduled video calls?
28. A customer has an Rx that has Sphere, Cylinder and Axis corrections. What type of Rx is this?
29. A customer has +B buttons and see's clearly at 20 inches. They want to see clearly at 18, what buttons will we send them?
34. "In order to see my patient, I have to raise my chair way up!" - What is this customer most likely describing?
35. A customer received her loupes and states when she looks at a cross, she can see a slight rise or "ghost line" on the end. She states that it affects her working when in the mouth and makes her dizzy. What is this best described as?
38. When scheduling a video call, what time-zone will we communicate and schedule in?
39. When in a video call, you should be actively ________ the whole time.
41. Customer has blank buttons and see's clearly at 18 inches. They want to see clearly at 19 inches. What buttons will we send?
42. A customer has 3.5x Galilean loupes. They are stating that when they are working in a mouth, they can only see from the Lateral Incisor to the First Molar without having to move their head. What is this customer most likely having an issue with?
44. A customer states that when they look at the Central Incisor, everything is clear. They can see the Second molar but it is blurry unless the cx leans in closer. This issue best describes
45. A customer (under 2 year warranty) sat on their 4.3x EP loupes and broke both carrier lens and both oculars came loose. Will there be a service fee? If so, how much?
46. If you are unable to retain an ErgoPrism loupes sale (within 45 days) and the customer wants to return, what must you check for before proceeding with the refund?
47. A Cx requires a progressive Rx in the carrier lens. Which frame would you NOT recommend to them?
49. A Doctor Calls and states that he has Galilean loupes with a +B on his right eye, and a +D on his left. His right eye see's at 18 inches, his left eye see's at 20. What button will we provide for his left eye so that he can see clearly at 18 inches?