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1. A customer has escalated, where will you navigate to in LumaBase to follow the escalation process?
2. A customer is calling to resolve an issue with their headlight, where will you navigate?
4. Customer has a Design for Vision, Buddy Holly frame; What mount will we send?
5. Customer has a pair of Orascoptic Rydon glasses, they do not see any holes on the front.
6. Customer has the Q-optics Classic frame. They are upgrading to the Q-optics Revival frame. Will the customer need a new mount?
7. What tag will you use if a package is missing items?
8. When you have recognized multiple accounts for the same customer, what tag will you put in the contact?
9. When Taking payment, what status MUST the SO/quotation be in for the payment to go through?
12. HL Dx: After we have confirmed the customer has tried multiple cables and batteries, what will we ask to complete the diagnosis?
13. (Dx form) When a customer wants to return their products for refund, what must you offer?
14. If a customer is outside of warranty on their headlight package, should you still submit a ticket after confirming the diagnosis?