LumaDent Product Knowledge 1 Quiz

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1. If a customer calls because they have a "loose ocular" does the call need to be transferred to a loupes specialist to create the ticket?
2. True or False: LumaDent sells three different headlights
3. True or False: The HL360 headlight works interchangeably with our different battery options
6. Are there different cables for Flip-up and TTL loupes?
7. Are there different cables for our (old) HLV3 and the (new) HL360?
8. Stereo Wires can be used with our Prolux battery.
9. True or False: Wires are classified as "cables without the clicker switch on the cord"
10. True or False: Mono wires can be used with our Prolux battery
11. True or False: Wires can be used with our UniLUX battery
12. True or False: The Wavelux can be turned on/off by the button on the battery
14. Galilean Loupes and Prism loupes are always TTL
15. True or False: To check the charge of the Airlux battery, you will hold the touch sensor and view the display on the bottom of the battery.
16. True or False: ErgoPrism loupes and Prism loupes are the same thing
17. True or False: Prism loupes are the same as Galilean loupes
20. Can the Prolux battery be turned on via the power button on the battery?
22. Convergence, the point where both oculars see one image, is set at a customers __________
23. True or False: Buttons can be removed and replaced to change a customers working distance.
24. True or False: Only 5.0x ErgoPrism loupes have the adjustable working distance feature
25. Do all Loupes purchases come with a carrying case?
26. Do headlight package purchases come with a carrying case?
27. If a customer calls and asks if our headlight can fit on their loupes/glasses, what is the answer?
28. If a customer calls in for a loupes issue other than loose ocular, should the call be handled by a loupes specialist?
30. To create ErgoPrism loupes, we need all of the following except:
31. Does LumaDent still sell the UniLux battery?
32. How many batteries can the new case hold?
33. which ocular series is known for its' weight
34. Which ocular series is known for its wide FOV?
35. How much lighter is the 360Pro than the HL360?
36. What is the main upgrade from the HL360 to the 360Pro?
37. Who would use the ErgoMax Series?
38. True or False: The HL360 LED module would fits on the 360Pro Optical Module
39. True or False: The 360Pro Optical and LED module fits on both the HL360 LED and optical module
41. What type of connectors does the USB ProLUX Smart charger have?
42. What is the recommended input for the ProLUX Smart Charger