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1. If a customer needs to send back an extra cable that should not have been sent, which button in the ticket will you select to begin process?
2. If a customer is sending in an item to be serviced, do you need to create a return?
3. To get to your tickets, the first step will be to select the correct ______
4. When you respond to a ticket that is not yet closed, which queue will you move that ticket to?
5. Once you have selected the correct team, which filter will you primarily use to keep track of your tickets?
6. When a customer needs to send in an item for a warranty service, which of the following would you create?
7. When responding to a customer, it is recommended to use a ______
8. Where will you go to create warranty replacement orders?
9. If a customer wants to give back their items to LumaDent and get their money back, what will you create?
10. To check the status of a return, where will you go?
12. For a return, which of the following will you need to do on the Sales Order?
13. True or False: If a customer calls in and you locate their account, the next thing you should do is check for an open ticket